Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weather Nerds

On our first day in Duluth, we had quite a variety of weather conditions. Mom and I started our trip with a stop in our favorite park, Amnicon Falls in Superior, WI. With several sets of cascading falls, easy trails, and very few people, Amnicon Falls is a tradition every time we visit the area. The weather was sunny, few clouds, and in the 80's. We walked the trails, took in the falls, and hit the road again to keep making our way north to our final destination near Grand Marais, MN.

As we got closer to Duluth, it became harder and harder to see the road ahead. It took a minute to finally figure out what it was. Fog. Lots and lots of fog. As we headed over the bridge, all we could see was white. It enveloped the car. I glanced at the temperature reading on my dash and realized the temperature had dropped nearly twenty degrees in a matter of a few minutes! As we drove up the shore, the fog made for some stunning views of lighthouses perched on the rocks.
Like Split Rock Lighthouse, seen above. Not the photo I wanted, but I have yet to acquire a telephoto lens for Mark. That will be the next investment to drain my bank account! Once we made it to the hotel for the evening, we sat out on the deck overlooking the lake. Over the course of an hour, the clouds became more and more ominous. It was like nothing either of us had ever seen. At one point, the clouds melded together to form what looked like a giant wave, rumbling toward the shoreline.

More photos of the trip to the North shore to come, videos too if the blogger website decides to play nice and upload them! Also, an update on my pursuit of a masters degree and the first week of my new job.

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